PM oils

Nightly rituals can magnify the quality of your sleep and in turn creates a more productive day ahead. A few things I do each evening which helps me de-stress and snuggle in. 

First I take a hot bath.. I add a cup of epson salt. The more the better to increase buoyancy and allowing your body to relax. Epson Salt is an element found on the chemical chart, which means it is natural to our bodies chemistry.  Epson Salt has over 300 functions in the body. One is muscle contraction, so I think of our heart and muscles. How can this not be important to supplement and what an easy way in the bath. I hear from some of my exercise trainer friends that professional body builders are drinking epson salt solution to recover quicker from their workouts. It is a natural laxative so be careful :) They only use a teaspoon dissolved in hot water. 

To my bath, I drop in a few drops of  Young Livings lavender essential oil or thier peace in calming essential oil to de-stress. 

After my bath I spray the lavender mist I created on my pillow take a deep breath and snuggle in for the night. The mist is easy to create. Take a mister glass bottle ( plastic will be degraded by the oils) add purified water and up to ten drops of Young Living Essential OIl. 

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