Why Manual Therapy works…


A place to unwind….Your body is intelligent and has the ability to self-correct. This is what science calls homeostasis; the bodies strives for balance. However, the body can get stuck during this balancing process. Using manual therapies sometimes light touch, a dialog is created between your body and the therapist. Giving a nudge to redirect blockages and restrictions in the body allowing for healing. 

We all have experienced the natural ability of the body to heal when we let a cut or a cold heal “by itself”, for instance. However, sometimes the body cannot fully heal. In such cases the body choses the next best solution and compensation sets in. Compensation is the strategy that your body resorts to in order to cope with a difficult situation. It can be as simple as putting more weight on your right foot when the left one is hurting or a very subtle shift that you don’t even notice. Your body compensates so you can continue your life without ever having to knowledge of this.  It all just happens naturally. Compensation, however, represents a burden on your body, which it gladly takes on as much as possible, for you to continue being you: active and creative, simply awesome!

Compensation happens from the moment you are conceived and with each injury whether physical or emotional the body fights to maintain balance. Yet there may come the day when your body cannot compensate any longer and you lean forward for a glass of water or pick something up and you cannot get straight again and back pain occurs. If you are lucky this pain is only temporary.

In more complex cases, you experience chronic pain or an illness. Your body got stuck during its natural rebalancing process. Sometimes the task is too large, the accumulation of small compensations has taken its toll and the ways of the past are no longer effective. Now it’s time to stop and offer yourself the profound care you deserve. Your body and your Inner Wisdom signal what is out of balance through physical and emotional symptoms.

The more you ignore the symptoms… your bodies call for attention, the louder the symptoms seems to become. Manual therapies allow the body to get back into balance…the nudge your nervous system needs to find homeostasis. In other words to find relief from pain and stress.

”Manual therapy south florida therapies are blended to allow the healing to begin. to create balance within.”