Manual Therapy South Florida

Debra Lyn Shapiro, LMT, PTA, Doula

Debra has more than eighteen years of hands-on healing experience. A graduate of New York University's physical therapy assistant (PTA) program, Debra spent eleven years on staff at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and an clinical instructor at New York University in their PTA program.  Continuing her education, Debra received her degree in advanced massage therapy from Florida College of Natural Health and launched her private practice, i massage, inc. To further her healing work, she continues to pursue training and certification in various methods of massage and physical therapy. With her years of education and hands on experience Debra has a great understanding of our bodies anatomy and physiology. She understands normal movement patterns and her ability to feel and correct the bodies restrictions makes her a true healer.  She looks forward to meeting you and assisting you in alleviating your stress and pain.



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